Teaching Mosaics


Did you ever do something that shook you to your core?  Something that altered the way you look at the world?  I was not expecting it, but it happened to me when I volunteered to teach last month’s mosaic class as part of the Healing Arts Program at Parker Adventist Hospital (“Program”). It was a beautiful sunny day as I parked my SUV and unloaded literally a ton of materials for the class. 

I was eagerly greeted by Mary Williams, Director of the Program who organized the classroom space and recruited my 15 students, all who were breast cancer survivors enduring various stages of chemo, radiation or remission. The Program’s goal with this class was to integrate the arts into health care, creating an environment of inspiration for living. 

The Program offers many expressions of art to revitalize the mind, body and spirit and I witnessed my mosaic class as a catalyst for these women to do just that.  There was laughter and tears during the daylong class as some of the students openly discussed their treatments and frustrations for their type of breast cancer.  I was taken aback by their hope, strength and relentless pursuit to get better and endure their miserable treatments.  I had breast cancer in 2010 and underwent a double mastectomy, but never had to wonder if I would live because my stage of cancer was so low.  I thought I was the teacher that day, but the tables were turned - I was the student learning about facing survival with dignity and strength.  I may have taught how to make a beautiful mosaic….but they taught me more….much more. 

Thank you and Bless you all,


Student Artwork